A pendant that tells the time, is where the idea of developing the Renaissance Collection came from. As a result, we prioritized beauty and longevity with this collection, they are meant to be carried with you regardless of any outfit. The Renaissance Collection, plated with 18K gold, is available in 2 designs: Edelweiss & Rose. This allows our clients to really find the piece that resonates with them most.

    The Edelweiss and Rose collections are two of our most popular features, both display a floral design but with subtle differences making them portray totally different styles. The Edelweiss collection complements a softer and often times a lighter sense of style whereas the classic Rose collection embodies a bold sense of elegance suitable for more extravagant outfits. Regardless of their differences they are both exquisite in their design and made from only the best materials.

    The Renaissance Collection is assembled and manufactured in our factory in Fahy/Switzerland where they are also fit with a Swiss Ronda mechanism which delivers highly accurate and reliable time telling. We have been in the watchmaking industry for 60 years now and we pride ourselves on delivering quality experiences to all of our customers.

    We aim to be a loyal and trustworthy brand who aims to meet the needs of anyone who requests our services which is exactly why we settle for nothing short of perfection.