We aimed to capture the beauty of the Swiss countryside with this lovely Florali Collection.

    Featuring an intricate floral pattern on the enamel casing this set perfectly encapsulates the tranquility and peace associated with rolling fields spotted with gorgeous flowers. This set is genuinely ideal for anyone who has an appreciation for floral designs as well as someone who just loves nature and the marvelous colors and shapes of the outdoors.

    We have selected a few colors to design a picturesque little flowerbed on your wrist. As with many of our collections, we’ve expanded the choice with the 24-stone cover version. In our shop you can also find the gold and palladium varieties of the Florali Collection. This set shares a common trait with all of our designs, it showcases a lovely enamel lid that covers the face of the watch, this is primarily to protect the watch but it also provides us with space to show off our brilliant enamel artworks.

    Only settling for the best is the mantra of our company and as a result we guarantee that will receive nothing short of an exquisite watch if you choose to shop with us. We pride ourselves on our customer care and aim to satisfy any clientele that graciously decides to spend their time with us. We have also made use of the Swiss Ronda mechanism in the Florali Collection which is superb at precisely and accurately telling the time.