A sparkling watchband for those who love to shimmer and shine. Our Crystal Collection is the one true exception in our entire ensemble of watches, this is because the watches do not actually feature any enamel work. Instead, semi-precious stones adorn the 18K plated lid covers of our watches. Despite the design differences, this collection is also manufactured by our excellent craftsmen in Fahy/Switzerland where our long-standing factory is based.

    Like many models in our range, the Crystal Collection is a wristwatch that hides its dial: the signature of the house. The Crystal Collection is available features two available cover versions, the Crystal Round and the Crystal Snake. The Crystal Round comes in white with either topaz, sapphire, or amethyst accents. The Crystal Snake on the other hand is fitted with white Crystal with a further choice of three colors for the snake eyes, topaz, sapphire or amethyst.

    In the interest of quality and high accuracy we have equipped every watch in this collection with a Swiss Ronda internal mechanism, this design has been used for decades and many watchmakers will agree that it is simply the best. To find out the time, simply lift the cover, which reveals a white dial with clearly legible indexes and numbers in black.

    Although the Crystal Collection is a complete deviation from our traditional style we promise that it consists of the supreme quality as all of our watches do. We aim to satisfy the needs of all customers regardless of if it is their first purchase with us or if they are longstanding supporters of our craft.