The elegant swirling pattern of an arabesque motif is the main source of inspiration behind the Alambra Collection. Several nuanced shades of gold dance across this exceptional wristwatch, ranging from bright yellow to deep coppery gold. Conversely, the palladium versions of the Alambra Collection also display the same shifting tones but in silver as opposed to gold, for those who prefer more neutral colour palettes.
    Overall, the Alambra Collection has a symmetrical and harmonious appearance, from the central enamelled cover all the way to the delicate, round strap that goes around your wrist. This results in a truly classy and sophisticated watch that pairs well with simple as well ass more bold outfits. The subtle nature of the watch also means it can be paired with other jewellery for a more refined and complete final look. If you wish to check the time you simply need to lift the enamel covered lid to reveal the watch face. The face itself is white with black numbering for an easy reading experience.
    The entirety of the Alambra Collection was produced in our factory in Fahy. This is the home base of our operation and where we began our watch making journey many decades ago. We promise to deliver nothing short of perfection and we pride ourselves on keeping our many clients as satisfied as possible.